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So University is over, or it soon will be. This means you're probably thinking one of two things:

How do I get a job?

Or, if you've got a job...

How do I succeed in my new career?

Thanks to business and talent development expert Rob Cross, there’s now a new, practical guide to help you answer these questions - Grad Expectations.

Grad Expectations is the tale of five new graduates who find themselves at the start of thier career at World-Corp PLC, an organisation like any other. It then follows them through the challenges they face in trying to succed at work, whilst also guiding them toward a future that's right for them.

Providing insightful, grounded advice to anyone in a similar situation, Grad Expectations helps you follow the steps each graduate takes towards becoming a successful professional, and helps you discover how to keep on track to achieve a rewarding and fulfilling career…and life!

The advice in Grad Expectations is based on author Rob Cross’s twelve years of  experience in working with leaders at all levels; from the shop floor through to Graduates and Senior Executives. Rob is renowned for making a considerable and positive impact on everyone he’s worked with.

Learn the secrets to securing your first graduate job

1 Day 'Getting a Job' Masterclass

31st August 2013

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Grad Expectations provides comfort and inspiration to students on the cusp of employment, as well as anyone who’s just starting out in their professional career.

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