Grad Expectations: the essential guide for all graduates entering the work force

Nervous, anxious, alone... what each of them felt on their very first day at World-Corp PLC. Sitting at the same table ready for their induction, Simon Jane, Steve, Taylor and Angela had no idea what to expect.

But here they were, having finished university and at the beginning of their journey into the professional world.

Were they prepared for the challenges they would encouter?

Will their careers turn out how they were hoping?

The answers to these questions they didn't know, but they were about to find out.

This book is packed with all you need to know about how to succeed in the new world of work after university.

Never has the job climate felt so hostile, and never have graduates, both newly qualified and established in the workplace, had to fight so hard to win their jobs and then to keep them. In Grad Expectations, an entirely unique professional guide, constructive and inspirational pearls of wisdom are unveiled, enabling readers to recognise the tools and qualities they need to nurture within themselves in order to enjoy successful and rewarding careers.

Grad Expectations wittily combines fact with fiction, as Rob offers his sage instruction through the life experiences of five young university graduates who meet at the induction day of their two year development programme at World-Corp PLC, a company like any other real organisation. Rob allows readers to follow their individual journeys, charting their highs and lows, their individual and collective challenges, how they manage the complex hierarchy of office relationships, while establishing a system for success which enables them to fulfil their true potential.

Grad Expectations enables all young graduates to feel empowered and better equipped to deal with the daunting professional world. Rob Cross's priceless advice should be both a comfort and an inspiration for existing graduates and students on the cusp of employment, as well as acting as a brilliant guide for those talent managers who may need to fine tune their own working practices.

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