Working with Organisations

To help organisations get the best for and from their people, Rob provides the following services:

Leadership Development

In these times of deep change and economic uncertainty, people need leadership training and results-oriented inspiration more than ever before. Organisations and their people are experiencing massive transformation, where globalisation has levelled playing fields and changed the way we need to work. For those new to the professional world, there are new ways of interacting and behaving and when combined with tough times this calls for new-and better-ways of leading and inspiring.

Taking this into account, Rob has a range of leadership development interventions focused on helping individuals to focus beyond simply being a leader, and more importantly to Show Leadership to exercise their influence in a far more conscious way.


As a coach Rob works with individuals and groups to help them take greater control over their own careers and lives. Rob does this by equipping individuals with the tools, permission and power to draw on their own resources to achieve greater levels of success, and unleash their true potential.


As a consultant Rob has worked with organisations in all sectors and at all levels. In particular Rob has expertise in designing and developing Graduate and Talent programmes, and in designing and delivering organisational change programmes. He is also able to provide consultancy on all aspects of workforce engagement.

Workshops and Training

Rob offers a range of standard and bespoke training programmes focused on helping individuals and teams achieve greater levels of success. These can be delivered as part of an induction programme, development training or simply to inspire and motivate your teams. Example programme topics include:

•  Showing Leadership the key to success

•  Enhancing your personal effectiveness

•  Maximising your impact at work

•  Building effective teams

•  Excellence organisational change

•  Providing meaning through work

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