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Angie (see

"This book was fantastic. It was such an easy read and I couldn't put it down once I began because I was so curious about some of the outcomes with the characters. The author brought to the forefront all of the essential struggles all graduates face when graduating and entering into the work force. In fact, looking back, this book isn't just applicable to graduates, but to anyone who has had a recent mind shift in careers, moved into a new corporation and is thinking about what they would like to do next and others.

The price and value for money was great, what a deal! I would certainly recommend this book to not just graduates but anyone who needs to challenge themselves about how to succeed in the work place and realize their value and potential."

Ms. C Collard (see

Not one to actively seek out self-help books, I had my doubts as to what a Graduate Handbook could offer me. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the practical, realistic advice offered in Grad Expectations.

The book presents a generic corporate setting and then follows the journeys of 5 graduates on their 2 year induction into the company. The problems presented were realistic and the advice was given in a non-patronising manner which was appealing and made it easier to absorb.

The side stories were a fun distraction and allowed the advice to be contextualised, without being boring! I'd recommend the book as a good little gift for a new graduate entering the professional workforce, or even to the individual struggling to come to grips with the working world and its politics. A good read.

Ms. L V Sell (see

Whether you are a recent graduate trying to navigate your first career move in a corporate company, or simply someone looking for a change of direction in your career and a sense of purpose and fulfillment from your job, you will find this book a great help.

Written as a fictional account of 5 new graduates, Jane, Taylor, Angela, Simon and Steve, entering their first year in the work place, it is not your average jargon filled self help book. In fact, self help sceptics will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to read - I finished it within 2 days as I wanted to find out what happened to the characters.

Although not a recent graduate myself, it was easy to recognise the range of dilemmas and emotions the characters faced as they adjusted to life post university, and a relief to realise that these are universal rather than unique. If only I had had a book like this or mentors like Liz and Mark in my first job!

The exercises are also a great help for anyone trying to define what's important to them, as well as manage their boss's expectations or relationships at work, and there's lots of tips on common problems like motivating a team for the first time and building assertiveness. For anyone who would like additional support, there is also a great website and facebook group you can join for more information.

Mr. Peter A Rhodes (see

I've recently left Uni and joined a large Graduate scheme. I've felt at times like my life is over and the old me has died. Having read this book, I've felt a huge weight come off my shoulders and I realise I'm not alone in this graduate rat race. I never knew what the working etiquette was. Tie or no tie. Be fun or serious. So having all of these put to light has been brilliant. The author has included some great exercices, my favourite was an exercise where you were asked to write down all of the achievements in your life and with some clever mind work, you really do get that ego boost. I love his little phrases and continual focus around being yourself.

A must read for anyone looking to climb that corporate ladder!

Ginny (see

Really inspiring read. Rob Cross has picked up on what can be a difficult transition from uni to the 'real world' of work and has written an essential book for any graduates joining the corporate world.

I liked this most because it's v easy to get caught in the day job soon after you start work and what Grad Expectations does is help you step back and look at who you are in the workplace, who you want to be, and how true to yourself you are being. (That sounds cheesy but it definitely had a real impact on how I was going about my job!)

The stories of the characters kept this from being at all dry or preachy and having fictional but believable corporation graduates leading the story makes it an enjoyable read as well as a really useful one.

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