Working with Rob Cross

Rob Cross provides specialist coaching, training and motivational speaking services.

In working with both individuals and organisations, Rob is dedicated to helping those new to the professional world develop as professionals and as contributors to society. Rob achieves this through helping people to enhance their capabilities to create and achieve what they desire - Rob helps people define and achieve success both at work and in life.  

Rob's approach to personal development is based on his unique philosophy that success comes from an individual being able to FLOW, with PURPOSE, as YOURSELF™. This means helping individuals to:

  • Be themselves through building their core person by developing their self awareness and emotional intelligence;
  • Define thier purpose enabling them to gain clearer direction and focus for their lives; and
  • Flow by being more conscious of the opportunities happening everyday around them.

Through this philosophy Rob is able to motivate and inspire, and has been deeply influential for the people and the organisations he works with.

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